Arizona State Facts, Symbols and History

Arizona is the 48th state of the United States. Located in the southwest of the country. Along with Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, it is among the ” Four Corner States “. The capital and largest city of the state is Phoenix. See cities and towns in Arizona. State population in 2013 was about 6,626,624 people – according to this indicator, Arizona ranks 20th in the United States. Arizona is famous for its desert landscape and cacti that grow throughout the state. Arizona is known for its mild winters and hot summer temperatures.

Arizona borders California and Nevada to the west, Utah and Colorado to the north, New Mexico to the east, and Mexico to the south.

A significant part of the state’s territory falls on mountains, plateaus and deserts. Arizona has the largest yellow pine woodland. In the north of the state is the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.

There is no consensus on the etymology of the name Arizona, among the main hypotheses are Spanish and Indian.

  • AbbreviationFinder: Demonstrates how the two-letter acronym of AZ stands for Arizona and a list of frequently used abbreviations related to the state of Arizona.

Racial composition of the population

– White – 63.8%

– Hispanics – 25.3%

– Indians – 5%

– Black – 3.1%

– Asians – 1.8%

– Representatives of mixed races – 2.9%

Religious composition of the population

– Protestants – 42%

– Catholics – 31%

– Baptists – 9%

– Mormons – 6%

– Methodists – 5%

– Lutheranism – 4%

– Other Protestant denominations – 24%

– Other religions – 2%

– Other Christians – 1%

– Atheists – 18%

Arizona’s GDP for 2004 was $187.27 billion. If Arizona were independent, it would rank 61st in the world in terms of GDP, overtaking Norway, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Finland and New Zealand. Arizona ranks 21st in the United States in terms of economic development. GDP per capita is $27,232, 39th in the nation. Copper mining is an important sector of the economy, providing 2/3 of the copper production in the country.

Arizona State Symbols

Arizona State Facts, Symbols and History
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