Cities and Places in Chile

Chiloe Island

This island is located on the northwest coast of Chiloé, about 30 minutes from Ancud. In addition to the numerous myths and legends, the island is mainly known for its wooden churches, which have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You can hike in the Chiloé National Park or visit the penguin colonies on the island of “Islotes Puñihul”. On the 30-minute drive to the island, you have the opportunity to observe Humboldt and Magellanic penguins.

Valparaíso – Viña del Mar

100 km northwest of Santiago is the UNESCO World Heritage old town of Valparaiso – one of the oldest and most important Pacific ports and still one of the most interesting cities in the country today. Valparaíso was founded in 1536 on a wide bay. This is where mainly the country’s imports are loaded. It is also a cultural center with two universities and an industrial site. The wonderful beaches and fertile valleys make the region around Valparaiso very interesting for tourists. Many sights in the city are best experienced on foot, so it is advisable to take a stroll through the colorful city. The luxurious seaside resort Viña del Mar is located next to Valparaíso. It has a wide sandy beach and a mild climate all year round. Visit for Chile Patagonia Easter island and atacama.

Santiago de Chile

The capital of the Republic of Chile, located in a valley basin, has around 6 million residents today. Santiago is the capital and by far the largest city in Chile. About half of the Chilean residents live in the greater Santiago area. Many of the buildings from the colonial era have been lost to earthquakes in the past centuries. Nevertheless, the lively city center of Santiago is still characterized by old historical buildings. The big main streets in the center and the Cerro San Cristobal, from which one has a beautiful view over the city, are worth seeing. Santiago is the cultural center of Chile, the variety of museums, theaters and cinemas is very large. Across the river you will find the modern center with galleries and theaters, restaurants and cafes.

Easter island

In 1722, on Easter Monday, a Dutch general discovered an island in the Pacific that he named Easter Island. In 1888, Chile occupied the island, which was only settled by Polynesian immigrants in the 12th century. The volcanic island with the subtropical climate is home to traces of a great culture whose roots lie in Polynesia. The loneliest island in the world offers red earth, pink sand beaches, volcanic craters, free running horses and a friendly population. Along the coast are the statues made of tuff stone, some 20 m high, which are still puzzling to scientists today. It is precisely because of this mystical past and natural beauty that it is a very popular tourist destination. In addition to the enigmatic, gigantic tufa figures, there is also Anakena Beach – a dream of white sand and coconut palms –

fire land

At the southern tip of the continent, at the end of the world, a legendary island kingdom beckons. The Tierra del Fuego archipelago is separated from the mainland by the 560 km long and 3 to 32 km wide Strait of Magellan. The road connects the Pacific with the Atlantic. It was also Magellan who discovered this group of islands. He named it after the aboriginal fire that burned day and night. Today these are almost extinct. The people who now live here mainly breed sheep. The main island “Tierra del Fuego” is divided into two parts. The western part belongs to Chile, the eastern part to Argentina, and so the island also has two capitals. The harsh charms of its wild nature are best discovered on a boat tour. Eternal ice shines on the peaks,

San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama is the starting point for expeditions into the desert. From there you drive to the Salar de Atacama – the largest salt lake in Chile – and further into the highlands to fascinating, turquoise-blue lagoons and bubbling geysers. The most famous are the Tatio geysers. The geyser field is on the edge of the desert and can be reached by bus or rental car. The clouds of steam are best seen just before sunrise. To experience the steam columns in all their glory, you have to leave early. A must for visitors to San Pedro de Atacama is the Valle de la Luna, a valley in the Atacama with a high dune from which you can enjoy a fantastic sunset. The city itself offers valuable traces of local cultures in archaeological sites and museums.

Torres del Paine National Park

The Torres del Paine National Park is one of the great nature experiences in Chile. The national park protects various glaciers, a varied flora and fauna, old moors, areas of the Pacific coast and several lakes. Approximately in the middle of the national park, in the middle of the gray-brown pampas, there are needle-like granite mountains more than 2000 meters high. The world-famous “Towers of the Blue Sky” are the symbol of the national park. The national park is popular with most when traveling to Patagoniaa must, a dream destination for nature lovers and one of the most popular trekking areas in South America. South of these three mountains lies the turquoise-blue Lago Nordenskjöld, which offers beautiful views during a hike along its banks. To the west lies the Gray Glacier with Lago Gray. Huge glaciers flow down from the ice field and form a circular collection of lakes that shimmer in all colors from ice gray to cobalt blue. You can experience the glacier on a hike or boat tour, but above all the hike to the glacier viewpoint is a must.

Carretera Austral

Further south you come across the Carretera Austral, one of the last wilderness roads, which was completed in 1996 and opened up previously inaccessible areas. It begins in Puerto Montt and winds over 1100km through primeval forests and fjords, past countless rivers and lakes to Caleta Tortel. The sparsely populated region impresses with its untouched nature – here you will find national parks, countless glaciers, lagoons and fjords. An ideal environment for an active vacation!

Cities and Places in Chile

Cities and Places in Chile
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