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Bicycle rides

Good weather all year round, beautiful roads and magnificent scenery have made Cyprus a paradise for cyclists. In any of the Cypriot cities you can rent a bike for 2 CJ per day.

If you prefer to travel on your own, follow a few mandatory rules:

  • movement and overtaking are carried out according to the laws of left-hand traffic adopted in Cyprus;
  • on Saturday and Sunday, do not go to the main roads, which are overloaded with transport these days;
  • in the afternoon, avoid traveling in a westerly direction, as the setting sun can blind drivers moving in the same lane with you;
  • use sunglasses and creams.

In spring and autumn, the Cycling Federation organizes competitions in which anyone can take part. For information call the Nicosia Cycling Federation at tel. (02) 456-344 or Limassol Cycling Club, tel. (05) 363-787.

Horseback riding

Experienced instructors will help those who wish to get riding skills in one of the schools:

  • In Limassol:
    • Amathus School of Riding, tel. (05) 311-081;
    • Elias Hourse Riding Centre, tel. (05) 329-444.
  • In Nicosia:
    • Lapatsa Sport Centre, tel. (02) 621-201.


Most five- and four-star hotels, as well as some of the lower rank hotels, have their own tennis courts. They are also found in residential areas of cities. In addition, you can rent courts in one of the tennis clubs:

  • In Limassol:
    • Lemesos Sporting Club – West of the Old Harbour, tel. (05) 359-034;
    • Famagusta Tennis Club – in front of the fire station (Fire Brigade Station) near Makarios Avenue (Leoforos Archiepiskopou Makariou), tel. (05) 335-952.
  • In Larnaca:
    • Larnaka Tennis Club – in the city center, right behind the building of the Archaeological Museum, tel. (04) 656-999.
  • In Paphos:
    • Geroskipou Tourist Beach – on the tourist beach 3 km east of Pafos Harbour, tel. (06) 234-525.
  • In Paralimni:
    • Paralimni Tennis Club – next to the Municipal Athletic Centre, tel. (03) 820-600.
  • In Nicosia:
    • Eleon Tennis Club – at Odos Ploutarchou in the western area of ​​Egcomi, tel. (02) 449-923;
    • Field Club – in the very center of the capital, near the Venetian walls, next to the Tripoli bastion, tel. (02) 452-041;
    • Lakki Sporting Club – in the village of Lakkia, a few kilometers south of Nicosia, tel. (02) 484-815;
    • Lapatsa Sporting Center – in the village of Deftera, 10 km southwest of Nicosia, tel. (02) 621-201;
    • Strovolos Municipality Tennis Courts – in the southwestern area of ​​Nicosia Strovolos, tel. (02) 318-358.


A well-equipped billiard room called “Snooker Centre” is open in Larnaca:

  • Megaron Karaviorgi, Griva Dhigeni (tel. for inquiries (04) 662-760). works daily from 13.00 to 24.00.

Jeep safari

Travel companies organize jeep trips for those who want to see the island, unfamiliar to most guests. Several routes have been laid, for example, through the Troodos mountains with visits to mountain villages and monasteries, or along the Akamas Peninsula, where wildlife will meet you. According to, the cost of a one-day excursion is 25-30 CJ, this includes lunch with village wine.

You can apply for participation in a safari at the hotel administrator or at any tourist company on the island.


Opportunities for hunting on the island are not great, but shooting enthusiasts can contact one of the shooting clubs in the country:

  • Nicosia Shooting Club – Lefkosia Shooting Club Another name – Cyprus Olympic Shooting Range (Cyprus Olympic Range), is located in the Lakkia area a few kilometers southwest of the center of Nicosia. Open daily, except Monday, from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 14.30 to dusk in winter, and from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to dusk in summer. The shooting range is closed from the second to the fourth week of August. Tel. for inquiries (02) 482-660
  • Limassol Shooting Club – Lemessos Shooting Club is located near the village of Polemidia on the road leading from Limassol to Troodos, operates on the same schedule as the Nicosia Shooting Club (see above). Tel. for inquiries (05) 355-572
  • Larnaca Shooting Club – Larnaka Shooting Club Located on the Larnaca-Limassol highway, not far from the ancient aqueduct (see the chapter “Larnaca”, section “Larnaca surroundings”). Open only on Wednesday and Saturday from 14.00 to dusk in winter and from 16.00 to dusk in summer. From the 2nd to the 4th week of August the shooting range is closed. Tel. for inquiries (04) 636-309, (04) 625-050.
  • Paphos Shooting Club – Pafos Shooting Club Located 10 km east of Paphos on the Paphos-Limassol road. The club is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 14.30 to dusk in winter and from 16.00 to dusk in summer. From the second to the fourth week of August the club is closed. Inquiries by tel. (06) 232-109
  • There is a Shooting Association in Cyprus (Nicosia, tel. (02) 486-673, fax (02) 486-009).


There are three golf courses available to tourists:

  • The Secret Valley Golf Club. Newly equipped golf club. 18 holes, length 6300 meters. located on the Limassol-Paphos road, near the rock of Aphrodite. Tel. club (06) 642-774, fax (06) 642-776
  • Tsada Golf Club. 18 holes, total length 6050 meters. Located near the village of Tsada on the Paphos-Polis road. Tel. club (06) 642-774, 642-775, fax 642-776
  • Elias. This is the country club of the Elias Beach Hotel in Limassol. 9 holes, total length 3000 meters. The club is located to the east of Limassol, near the village of Parekklisia. For inquiries please contact “Elias Beach Hotel”

Ice rink

The ice skating rink “Nikosiana Ice Skating Center” is open in Nicosia on Odos Makedonitissis and is open seven days a week. Tel. (02) 353-221 and (02) 351-766.


In the Troodos mountains, in the area of ​​Olympos peak, there are tracks for cross-country skiing and slalom. The ski season starts in December-January and lasts, depending on weather conditions, two to four months. 4 lifts have been built. At the ski base located at Olympos, you can rent ski equipment.

Service cost:

  • ski rental for a full day 8 CJ;
  • ski rental after 13.00 5.5 CJ;
  • one lift on the lift 0.6 CJ;
  • half-day lift pass 7 CJ;
  • subscription for 1 day 10 CJ;
  • private lessons:
  • children under 16 6 CJ;
  • adults 9 CJ;
  • lesson with a personal instructor 22 CJ.

For ski club members, everything is about 30% cheaper. To become a tourist and get a discount on all services for a period of 2 weeks, it is enough to pay 11 CJ per person or 20 CJ per family.

All your questions will be answered at the Cyprus Ski Club by tel. in Nicosia (02) 365-34

Cyprus Sports

Cyprus Sports
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