Entertainment and Attractions in Khibiny, Russia

On the Kola Peninsula, tourists are offered a huge selection of various excursion programs all year round. You can go on a snowmobile safari, a ski tour, a jeep safari, an off-road expedition, take an ethnographic program, go ice fishing on the lakes, or just rent a wooden house in the wilderness and take a break from the bustle of the city, enjoying the pristine beauty of this region.

So, for example, you can go on a snowmobile tour around the central part of the Kola Peninsula to get acquainted with the life and life of the Kola reindeer herders, feel the atmosphere of the tundra, try the local cuisine and stock up on many unforgettable experiences.

In order to purchase any program or excursion, please contact the tour operators of Kirovsk. In addition to the ski slopes, there is also a flat, 14-kilometer ski track where you can ride snowmobiles. You can also rent a helicopter and take a tour over the peaks of the massif. In general, there is plenty of entertainment.

The beauty of the Arctic attracts tourists not only in winter, but also in summer. At this time of the year people come here to enjoy the silence of rocky gorges and see aquamarine lakes in rocky bowls. July is considered the best time for long-distance hiking trips, and September is the most beautiful month for one-day trips. In addition to long hiking trips, there are also one-day routes available to everyone – to the Blue Lakes, to Maly Vudyavr Lake, to the Shorokhov Gorge, to the waterfall and Kupel Lakes.

Polar Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute

Khibiny is in itself the main attraction of the Murmansk region. But even here there are many interesting places worth visiting. For example, the Polar Alpine Botanical Garden is the northernmost botanical garden, located on Mount Vudyavrchorr. Throughout the entire botanical garden, valley tundra, spruce-birch taiga, birch crooked forest, alpine tundra and arctic desert replace each other. More than 400 species of plants grow in the garden – shrubs, tundra species, tree species. More than 2 thousand people visit the garden every year.

The Polar Alpine Botanical Garden in Khibiny, the northernmost botanical garden, is located on Mount Vudyavrchorr. In total, there are three botanical gardens around the world, located beyond the Arctic Circle.

Museum and Exhibition Center

The remarkable building of Kirovsk, the local “Big Ben”, houses a modern world-class museum – eight exhibition halls, two exhibition halls and one gallery. It features interactive layouts of mines and mines with sound and light accompaniment, a huge collection of minerals and an exhibition of historical materials. The museum regularly hosts art exhibitions, “quests”, meetings with interesting people and free movie screenings.

Literary Museum of V. Erofeev

in the Central City Library. A.M. Gorky, an exposition dedicated to the talented fellow countryman of the Kirovites, Venedikt Erofeev, the author of the poem “Moscow-Petushki”, was assembled. The exposition is distinguished by its original design: above the entrance door there is a map of the Moscow-Petushki route, the room takes the visitor to the beginning of the Brezhnev era, the tour is accompanied by the voice of the writer reading his satirical lines on Soviet reality.

Snow village

A unique building called “Snow Village” is located in Kirovsk, near the botanical garden, and is a closed complex built of snow and ice. Here you will see amazing creations of human hands using the ability of water to change structure and shape: furniture, sculptures, slides, halls and rooms. There is even a wedding hall on the territory of the Snow Village – of course, also made of ice.

If you decide to visit the “Snow Village” on New Year’s holidays, then be prepared that these days the tourist center attracts just thousands of visitors who want to celebrate the New Year almost in the real house of Santa Claus.


According to Bridgat, in general, it is warmer in the Khibiny than in other polar regions, thanks to the warm Gulf Stream and the proximity of the Barents Sea. But in general, the winter here is long and snowy, and the summer is cold and short, but without frost. On the outer slopes of the mountains, the climate is moderated by the surrounding plains, but in the central part of the massif it is more severe. From October to June there is snow in the mountains.

If you come to Khibiny between September and April, you can admire the northern lights. The polar night begins at the end of December and lasts about a month, all this time the sun does not appear at all.

Attractions in Khibiny, Russia

Entertainment and Attractions in Khibiny, Russia
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