Missouri State Facts, Symbols and History

Missouri Symbols

  • Animal: Missouri mule
  • Bird: azure bird
  • Flag of Missouri
  • Flower: hawthorn
  • Insect: honey bee
  • Motto: “The well-being of the people should be the highest right”
  • Nicknames: (most used) Show – Me State, Ingot State, Lead State, Cave State, Ozark State
  • Song: Missouri Waltz
  • State seal
  • Tree: Florida dogwood

Missouri Geostatistics

  • Land area:
    (land)68,886 sq. miles
    (water) 811 sq. miles
    (TOTAL) 69,697 sq. miles
  • Land area: (all states)
  • Horizontal Width: 303 miles
  • Vertical Length: 283 milesNote: Maximum lengths and widths are point to point, straight line measurements from the Mercator map projection and will vary some usage of other map projections
  • Border States: (8) Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma
  • Districts: (115) map
  • County: (largest in population) Louis, 1,016,315
  • Geographic Center: 20 miles southwest of Jefferson City
  • Tallest Point: Mount Tom Sok, 1,772 feet.
  • Lowest Point: Along the Francis River at its border with Arkansas, 230 feet.
  • Latitude and longitude
  • Average Elevation: 812 feet

Missouri is a state in the Midwest of the United States, the 24th state in the federation. Population 6,021,988 (2012 data). The capital is Jefferson City, the largest cities are St. Louis and Kansas City. See cities and towns in Missouri.

The official nickname is Show Me the State.

Missouri is located along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Total area 180,693 km (21st in the US).

In the north, Missouri borders with Iowa, in the east (along the Mississippi River) – with Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee, in the south – with Arkansas, in the west – with Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska (with the last two – along the Missouri River.

The Missouri Territory was acquired by the United States from France as part of the province of Louisiana in 1803. The state officially became a part of the federation on August 10, 1821.

  • AbbreviationFinder: Demonstrates how the two-letter acronym of MO stands for Missouri and a list of frequently used abbreviations related to the state of Missouri.

Missouri currently has the fourth state constitution in history, adopted in 1945.

Kansas City is a major railroad hub. The state has two major international airports, several highways pass through its territory.

In 2003, Missouri’s GDP was $195 billion. The median per capita income in 2003 was $29,464, making the state 27th in the nation. Missouri has large deposits of limestone and coal. The state occupies one of the first places in the country for the production of lime. The state has enterprises in the aerospace, chemical, food and printing industries, there are facilities for the production of transport and electrical equipment. In addition, Missouri has developed the production of such agricultural products as beef, pork, grain, soybeans, chickens, eggs.

Kansas City

Kansas City, the largest city in Missouri, is a beautiful and historic American city.

It has often been called the “City of Fountains” or “Paris of the Plains” because (reportedly) it has more fountains than any other city other than Rome and second only to Paris for its number of boulevards.

Several famous Kansas City native sons include Burt Bacharach, Jesse James, Harry S. Truman and Walt Disney’s first animation studio. Many visitors to this city would certainly add the world famous KC barbecue, jazz clubs and delicious steaks to the famous attractions.

Set in gentle rolling countryside on the banks of the Missouri River, Kansas City offers a never-ending variety of attractions for kids and adults alike.

While living in Kansas City, Walt Disney created one of his most famous and beloved characters: Mickey Mouse.

One of the world’s most identifiable icons, McDonald’s Happy Meal, was first served in Kansas City.

The American Royal BBQ Competition, held in Kansas City, is the largest in the world.

Kansas City Union Station
All aboard! Union Station, one of Kansas City’s most prominent landmarks, is home to a world class science and technology museum, theaters, fine restaurants, shops and a permanent rail exhibit with vintage carriages.As a “must stop” for a Missouri vacation, it’s possible to take the train to Kansas City Union Station, check out the Gottleib Planetarium or visit Science City, a fun, interactive science center with more than 50 hands-on exhibits.

Fun World Fun
Worlds is literally packed with 175 acres of exciting rides and fun attractions!Roller coaster lovers have plenty to choose from: Timber Wolf, Dragon Spinning and Heart Pounding Mamba, one of the top 25 roller coasters in the world. Other popular rides include Fury of the Nile and Detonator, a ride that shoots visitors up 200-foot towers. With a wealth of kid-friendly rides and a full-scale water park, there’s plenty to do at this playful oasis on the Missouri coast .

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Missouri State Symbols

Missouri State Facts, Symbols and History
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