Popular Resorts in Sri Lanka


The most romantic resort in Sri Lanka is located on the southwestern coast of the island, in the Galle region, on the banks of the Bentota Ganga River, which flows into the Indian Ocean. Bentota owes its name to the legend of the demon Beme, who once ruled the banks of the river. It has its own small airport, a turtle reserve, the ruins of a Buddhist temple complex of the XII century – Galapata-Vihara. Bentota is famous for its palm wine, as well as excellent water sports and diving opportunities. Bentota Beach on a long sandy spit at the mouth of the Bentota Ganga River is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Bentota is a favorite place for honeymooners. World-class hotels offer the highest level of service, while sparsely populated miles of beaches provide privacy and comfort. A calm beach holiday can be alternated with an active one. From here you can reach the ancient fortress of Galle (about 48 km). You can also go for a walk along the Bentota Ganga River among tropical flora and fauna, see the ruins of the Galapata Vihara temples with preserved frescoes and statues, watch turtles in the reserve, go surfing, fishing, and go sailing. Bentota is perfect for beginner divers, as the water is clear, there are almost no currents, and the most beautiful coral reefs begin already at a depth4-5 meters.


An ancient Sri Lankan city founded by Arab traders in the 8th century. Here is one of the oldest mosques in Sri Lanka – Kechimalai. The resort of Beruwala is quite young and rapidly developing. Over the past few years, new hotels, shops have been built here, and the tourist area has been improved. Beruwela lies at the very beginning of a 130-kilometer beach that stretches along the entire southwestern tip of the island. It is 54 km from here to Galle, 56 km from the capital of the island of Colombo, and only 7 km from the nearest resort of Bentota. You can swim on the beaches of Beruwala all year round. Pure sand, palm trees, azure water, bright sun – Beruwala has everything you need for a beach holiday and a wonderful tan.


One of the largest cities in Sri Lanka and an ideal resort for tourists who do not want to spend time on long journeys around the country. Negombo is located just 7 kilometers from Colombo International Airport and is famous for its picturesque sandy beach and modern hotels.
For a long time the city belonged to Portugal and Holland, so there are many cathedrals, churches and a whole network of city canals, which are still used by local residents. There is a large fish market in Negombo, and many restaurants in the city receive the freshest seafood and fish every day. It is in this area of ​​Sri Lanka that the world’s best cinnamon is grown, and interesting copper and ceramic products are also created.
Lovers of outdoor activities will also like Negombo: excellent diving, water sports centers, excursions to the Muthurajawela reserve will give wonderful impressions.


The largest city in Sri Lanka. If we take into account Greater Colombo, which includes Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, then this city can be considered the full-fledged capital of the island. Colombo was known to Europeans 2 thousand years ago, and for many years the city was under the control of the empires of the Old World. As a result, ancient Hindu temples coexist here with colonial-style mansions, modern skyscrapers rise next to Buddhist and Catholic temples, and tourists are bred to five-star hotels on tuk-tuks. From Colombo you can go to any city and any resort in Sri Lanka, for example, visit the cultural triangle of the island – the ancient capitals of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura and the city of Kandy.


Kalutara, located 40 km south of Colombo, on the Kalu Ganga (“Black River”), was once an important center for the spice trade. Today it is a modern resort town with extensive opportunities for water sports and beach recreation. Here you can go in for water skiing, windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing, spearfishing, make an exciting excursion along the Kalu Ganga river covered with mangroves. The main attraction of Kalutara is a huge Buddhist stupa (round temple) Kalutara Vihara, built in 1960 on south bank of the river near the bridge. This is the only hollow stupa in the world. Inside it you can see 72 paintings from the life of the Buddha, several statues and a huge panoramic window overlooking the river and the city. During the winter festival of Navam Perahera, a grandiose procession takes place here with the participation of a large temple elephant,


A small quiet town 35 km south of Colombo, famous for plantations of coconut palms, rubber and cinnamon, the production of palm wine and vinegar, products made from coconut fiber. Tours to Wadduwa are popular with beach lovers due to the beautiful sandy beach. Its width in some places reaches 60 m! Hotels are located on the beach far from each other, providing silence and privacy to their guests. One of the best places for a quiet rest and relaxation away from the bustle of the city. Wadduva got its name from the name of local healers – “veda”, who used to live in this area. Now the doctors have been replaced by experienced specialists of spas and wellness centers that offer Ayurvedic treatments, yoga and meditation classes, and treatment courses. One of the most famous hotels in Wadduwa is Siddhalepa Ayurveda Resort 5 *,


A large port city located on the southwestern tip of the island of Sri Lanka, 119 km from Colombo. The capital of the Southern Province, the fourth largest city in the country, one of the main centers of tourism. The main attraction of Galle is the 17th century granite Dutch fort, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is one of the largest colonial fortresses in Asia built by Europeans. The fort, lying on a peninsula, is surrounded by water on three sides. At its southeast end, there is an old lighthouse that offers a magnificent view.

Other sights of Galle: the Catholic Cathedral of St. Mary (XIX century), the National Maritime Museum, the collection of which contains exhibits of 800 years ago, the largest Shiva temple on the island, the old Amangalla 5 * hotel, built in 1863.

For lovers of wildlife in Galle, too, there is a lot of interesting things. There is a turtle farm, the Sinharaja rainforest reserve, also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Jungle tours, jeep safaris and horseback riding leave no one indifferent. For those who are tired of spectacles, Galle has great opportunities for a beach holiday. The most famous beaches of Sri Lanka, Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa, are located just 5 and 10 km from Galle.


The ancient city on the south coast of Sri Lanka has retained the charm of an 18th-century Dutch colony. In the center of the city, a Dutch fort has been preserved, which is now used as a prison. However, Tangalle is best known for its beaches: Medaketiya, Medilla, Goyambokka and Pallikaduwa. Due to the distance from Colombo (195 km), there are few tourists here, and for several kilometers on the coast you can not meet a single person. Perfect for a private getaway for VIPs.


A small fishing village near Colombo, stretching along a stream. Induruwa has wide deserted beaches, ideal for sea and sunbathing. It has its own market, shops and hotels for a variety of tastes and budgets. Freshwater lagoons and the Maadu River attract eco-tourists and bird watchers.


The well-known Sri Lankan writer Martin Wikramasinghe, who wrote in Sinhalese, was born in Koggala. The unique nature of Koggala: the coast with golden sand beaches and coral reefs, a large freshwater lake with many islands, evergreen tropical forests inspired him to write novels and stories translated into several languages ​​of the world. The Museum of Folk Art (Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Art Museum) bears the writer’s name, which has collected an extensive collection of cultural and everyday objects from different regions of the island.

In Koggala there is a rental of boats, catamarans, bicycles. The hotels organize transfers to the water sports center in Unawatuna, boat trips for watching dolphins and whales. It is possible to visit Buddhist temples on the islands of Lake Koggala, but prior permission is required.

Koggala is located at a distance of 135 km from Colombo. It has its own small airport.


The resort is 15 km from Negombo and about 70 km from Colombo. For a relaxing budget holiday. The largest hotel of the Club Palm Bay 4 * resort is located on the shores of a picturesque lake, separated from the ocean by a wide sandy spit and overgrown with lush tropical vegetation.


“Mecca” for divers and lovers of club life, a popular resort with developed infrastructure and a beautiful wide beach. The diving season here lasts from November to April, the diving depth is from 4 to 40 m, there are several interesting wrecks. There is equipment rental and courses for beginners. Those who are afraid of scuba diving can go snorkelling or book a glass bottom boat trip. Corals in Hikkaduwa are considered one of the most beautiful in all of Asia.

Hikkaduwa is not only a paradise for diving, but also for surfing. Surfers from all over the world come here, especially during the dry season, from November to March. Wave height reaches 3.5 meters.

Attracts tourists and noisy nightlife. It was from Hikkaduwa that the discovery of Sri Lanka by tourists from Europe and America began in the 60s of the last century. Today the resort is a continuous chain of hotels, hostels, bars, restaurants and shops, stretching for 4 km. There are always a lot of young people from all over the world here.

Popular Resorts in Sri Lanka

Popular Resorts in Sri Lanka
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