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According to wholevehicles, Norway is a country located in Northern Europe and is bordered by Sweden, Finland, and Russia. It has a total area of 385,252 square kilometers and consists of a mainland section plus the islands of Svalbard and Jan Mayen. The mainland section is bordered by the Skagerrak Strait to the south, the North Sea to the west, and the Barents Sea to the north. Norway’s landscape is quite varied with mountains, plateaus, valleys, islands and fjords. The highest point in Norway is Galdhøpiggen at 2,469 meters above sea level. Some of Norway’s most impressive mountain ranges include Jotunheimen in central Norway; Trollheimen in central-northern Norway; Romsdal Alps in western Norway; Lyngen Alps in northern Norway; Hardangervidda Plateau in southern Norway; and Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park along the border with Sweden. Norway has many rivers including Glomma (the longest), Lågen (the second longest), Tana (in Finnmark), Namsen (in Trøndelag), Vefsna (in Nordland) and Åelva (in Troms). There are also numerous lakes including Mjøsa which is one of Europe’s largest lakes. In addition to this there are also many glaciers including Jostedalsbreen which is Europe’s largest glacier covering an area of 487 square kilometers. Norway has a very long coastline stretching over 25000 kilometers from its northern border with Finland down to its southern border with Denmark at Skagerrak Strait making it one of Europe’s longest coastlines. This coastline includes thousands of fjords which are deep narrow inlets formed by glaciers during Ice Age period that cut into coastal mountains creating spectacular scenery that attracts many tourists every year. See bridgat for weather information in Norway.

Oslo, Norway Weather and Climate

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