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According to existingcountries, Wyoming is a western U.S. state known for its vast open plains and the Rocky Mountains. It is bordered by Montana, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota and Nebraska. Its capital city is Cheyenne, which is located in the southeastern corner of the state. Wyoming was admitted to the Union as the 44th state in 1890. Wyoming has a semi-arid continental climate with warm summers and cold winters; however, temperatures can vary widely depending on location and elevation. The majority of Wyoming’s population lives in the eastern part of the state near the Great Plains; however, some areas of western Wyoming have higher populations due to their proximity to national parks like Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park. The economy of Wyoming is largely based on energy production (primarily coal), tourism (especially Yellowstone National Park) and agriculture (primarily ranching). The state also has a strong mining industry which contributes significantly to its economy; it produces more uranium than any other U.S. state as well as gold, silver and copper. Wyoming’s population is estimated at 578,759 people as of 2018; this makes it one of the least populous states in the country but also one with one of the lowest population densities at 6 people per square mile (compared to 10 people per square mile nationally). The majority of Wyomingites are white (88%) with small percentages of Hispanic or Latino (5%), Native American (2%) and Asian (1%) populations making up most of its remaining citizens. Culturally speaking, there isn’t much diversity or variation throughout Wyoming due to its low population density; however there are a few unique cultural features that define life here such as rodeos which are held throughout summer months to celebrate ranching culture or “Old West” festivals that take place during fall months for tourists who want to experience what life was like during times gone by in this region. Educationally speaking, Wyoming offers numerous universities throughout its various cities such as University of Wyoming in Laramie or Casper College which offers two-year degrees while other colleges like Central Wyoming College provide vocational training programs for those interested in entering specific trades or professions such as welding or cosmetology among others. According to toppharmacyschools.org, Wyoming is a great place to pursue graduate studies. With its numerous universities and colleges offering a variety of degree programs, students are sure to find something that suits their needs and interests. From traditional on-campus experiences to online degrees and certificates, Wyoming has something for everyone. Financial assistance for graduate studies in Wyoming is available through various organizations and institutions across the state as well as federal loans for those who qualify. These grants and scholarships can help cover tuition costs so that students can focus on their studies without worrying about how they’re going to pay for it all. Additionally, loan repayment options are available through various lenders so that students can get the funding they need without any hassle. When it comes to research opportunities, Wyoming has several world-class research centers located throughout the state. These resources allow students to stay ahead of their peers by engaging in cutting-edge research projects while earning their degrees. In addition to these resources, Wyoming also has several highly respected professional organizations such as the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) which offer educational programs designed specifically for higher education professionals in the state. Finally, universities across the state provide career counseling services and job placement assistance after graduation so that students can get the best start possible on their professional journey. With its supportive career counseling services and innovative research opportunities – it is no wonder why so many people choose Wyoming as the place they want to pursue their graduate studies.

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Wyoming Fast Facts Capital: Cheyenne (popularity). 55,995 (2010 est.) Wyoming Population: 576,412 ( 2012 est.) (50th) Wyoming Quarter: The fourth quarter commemorative coin issued in 2007 honors Wyoming and is the 44th coin in...