US 101 in Oregon


US 101
Get started harbor
End Astoria
Length 346 mi
Length 557 km

  • Brookings
  • Gold Beach
  • Port Orford
  • bandon
  • Coos Bay
  • North Bend
  • Reed sport
  • Florence
  • Newport
  • Lincoln City
  • Tillamook
  • Seaside
  • Astoria


US 101 is a US Highway in the US state of Oregon. The road forms a north-south route along the Pacific coast, from the California border to the Washington border. US 101 is 557 kilometers long in Oregon.

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Travel directions

US 101 follows the Oregon Coastline, a beautiful wild coast route. The road mainly connects small coastal towns, there are no major cities on the Pacific coast of Oregon.

North of Crescent City, US 101 in California enters the state of Oregon and passes almost directly through the town of Brookings. The two-lane road follows the coastline north, often directly along the sea, with wooded hills to the east. The road here leads through the Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor. Cross the Rogue River at Gold Beach. Further north, US 101 runs through Humbug Mountain State Park, a beautiful route that partly leads directly over the beach. From Port Orford, US 101 heads a little further inland to Coos Bay. This part leads through the flat to slightly hilly coastal region, which has a lot of afforestation. There are only a few villages on the route to Coos Bay, a regional town on the Coos Bay of the same name. Via a half-timbered bridgeand a dam crosses Coos Bay.

Between Coos Bay and Florence, US 101 runs through a hilly and forested coastal region. The road here does not usually run directly along the sea, but behind the dunes. This area has high dunes, some dunes are 150 meters high. In Reedsport one crosses the Umpqua River via a half-timbered bridge. Florence is a regional town where one crosses the Siuslaw River. Between Florence and Newport, US 101 runs for more than 60 kilometers right along the shoreline, a beautiful route with very few buildings and wooded hills to the east. The coastline here partly consists of cliffs and beaches. The road leads here over the Cape Perpetua, a tourist area. In Waldport, US 101 runs over the Alsea Bay Bridge and in Newport over the Yaquina Bay Bridge.

In Newport, US 20 begins at US 101. From Newport, the road continues for more than 40 kilometers directly over the coastline to Lincoln City, after which the road runs a bit longer through the interior. From Tillamook you reach the coast again, this area also has high hills with peaks up to 900 meters. South of Seaside, US 26 connects from Portland. Just before Astoria you cross the Youngs Bay via a long bridge. US 30 connects in Astoria. Astoria is the last place on the route, the four-mile Astoria-Megler Bridge crosses the mouth of the mighty Columbia River, which also forms the border with Washington state . The US 101 in Washingtonthen continues north along the coast.


Originally, there was no through road connection along the Pacific coast of Oregon. In 1920 there was no road on a long stretch from Hebo to Marshfield. To the north there was already a main road to Astoria, which already had some paved parts in 1920.

US 101 was created in 1926, but the road was still partially planned at the time, major stretches of the road had not yet been built. The road was built mainly in the first half of the 1930s. This was mainly built directly as an asphalt road, around 1935 the entire route could be driven as an asphalt road. The route has not changed in Oregon since then.

Ferry service also began at Astoria in 1926 across the mouth of the Columbia River to Washington. On August 27, 1966, the Astoria–Megler Bridge opened to traffic, the first bridge at this location to replace the ferry service. This was a toll bridge until the end of 1993. This bridge is over 6.5 kilometers long.

US 101 is also known as the Oregon Coast Highway, although it can also be seen as an extension of California’s Pacific Coast Highway. Many monumental bridges have been built over the rivers that flow into the Pacific Ocean locally. The US 101 itself has not been upgraded much, almost the entire road is single lane and it forms the main street of almost all places through which the road passes. Because of the geography, no bypasses have been built anywhere.

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Traffic intensities

The historic Ben Jones Bridge north of Newport.

Every day, 7,800 vehicles cross the California border. The southern portion of US 101 is the quietest, with a dip of 2,500 vehicles north of Gold Beach. The middle and northern parts of US 101 are busier, with frequent 6,500 to 15,000 vehicles, although there are some quieter sections with 3,500 to 4,000 vehicles. The busiest point is in Lincoln City with 24,000 vehicles. 7,300 vehicles drive daily on the bridge at Astoria over the Columbia River.

US 101 in Oregon

US 101 in Oregon
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