US 2 in Idaho


US 2
Get started Priest River
End Moyie Springs
Length 81 mi
Length 130 km
WashingtonPriest River

sand point

Bonners Ferry

Moyie Springs


US 2 is a US Highway in the US state of Idaho. The road forms an east-west route in the far north of the state. The route runs from the Washington border via Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry to the Montana border. Part of the route is double -numbered with US 95. The route is 130 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

The Moyie River Canyon Bridge.

At Newport in Washington, US 2 in Washington enters the state of Idaho from the city of Spokane and then heads east along the Pend Oreille River. The area around it is mountainous, with peaks up to 1600 meters. The river along which the road runs is quite wide and flows into Lake Pond Oreille at Sandpoint. At Sandpoint, US 2 turns north and doubles with US 95 coming from Coeur d’Alene. This double numbering lasts about 60 kilometers, with US 2 running due north. The surrounding mountains then become higher, up to about 2200 meters and you pass through the Kaniksu National Forest. At Bonners Ferry the road turns east again, while theUS 95 continues towards Cranbrook in Canada. The road then runs along the Kootenai River and crosses the border into Montana past Moyie Springs. US 2 in Montana then continues towards Kalispell.


US 2 was created in 1926. The western terminus at the time was US 95 at Bonners Ferry in northern Idaho. In 1948, the route was extended west into Washington State, dually numbering US 95. US 2 ran too far north to parallel an Interstate Highway.

The first bridge over the Moyie River Canyon opened in 1923, but was replaced by the current bridge in 1965. The bridge is 129 meters high.

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Traffic intensities

Every day, 2,500 vehicles drive near the Washington border, rising to 4,500 to 9,500 vehicles at Sandpoint. The double numbering with the US 95 to Bonners Ferry has 4,500 to 6,200 vehicles. The last part to the border with Montana has 1,300 vehicles.

Dent Bridge

Dent Bridge
Spans Dworshak Reservoir
Lanes 1×2
Total length 490 meters
Main span 320 meters
Bridge deck height ?
Opening 00-00-1971
Traffic intensity ? mvt/day
Location Map

The Dent Bridge is a suspension bridge in the United States, located near Orofino, Idaho.


The Dent Bridge is a large suspension bridge that spans a reservoir north of Orofino. The bridge has a total length of about 490 meters and a main span of 320 meters. The two-lane Dent Bridge Road runs across the bridge. It is the largest suspension bridge in the United States that does not cross a river or bay, and the largest in the Rocky Mountains. However, the bridge is in an obscure remote location and not on a main road of any importance.


The bridge was opened and constructed in 1971 when the Dworshak Dam was constructed and the Dworshak Reservoir was created. It is one of the few connections across this reservoir, the nearest alternative bridge is 40 kilometers away.

Traffic intensities

There are no exact traffic intensities of the Dent Bridge known. Probably no more than a few hundred vehicles per day. Major roads in the region often count less than 1,000 vehicles per day, and the Dent Bridge is on an insignificant side road and there are no villages in the wider area.

US 2 in Idaho

US 2 in Idaho
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