US 62 in Oklahoma


US 62
Begin Hollis
End Westville
Length 402 mi
Length 647 km

  • Hollis
  • Altus
  • Snyder
  • Lawton
  • Anadarko
  • Chickasha
  • Oklahoma City
  • Jacktown
  • Prague
  • okay
  • Okemah – Henryetta:
  • Henryetta
  • Okmulgee
  • Muskogee
  • Tahlequah
  • Westville


US 62 is a US Highway in the US state of Oklahoma. The road forms an east-west route through the center of the state, running from the Texas border through Lawton, Oklahoma City, and Muskogee to the Arkansas border. The route is 647 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

Western Oklahoma

Just west of the village of Hollis, US 62 in Texas enters the state of Oklahoma from Lubbock, then heads due east. The road has 2×1 lanes at first, but 2×2 lanes are available from Victory. The area is flat and consists of prairies and farmland. In the town of Altus you cross the US 283, the road from Vernon in Texas to Dodge City in Kansas. There are also 2×2 lanes available east of Altus and after about 35 kilometers you reach the village of Snyder, where you intersect US 183, the road from Vernon in Texas to Clinton in the north. The US 62 will then have grade-separated intersections and is in fact ahighway. One then reaches the town of Lawton, which has 93,000 inhabitants. Here the road merges with Interstate 44, the highway from Wichita Falls in Texas to Oklahoma City. The double numbering lasts about 10 kilometers, after which I-44 branches to the northeast as a toll road and US 62 continues to run north, double numbered with US 281. The road runs along Lake Lawtonka, and a few villages, and after about 50 kilometers you reach the town of Anadarko, where US 281 turns north, US 62 turns east, then has 2×2 lanes. You then pass the town of Chickasha, where you first take the US 81crosses the road from Fort Worth in Texas to Enid in the north. Then you cross the Interstate 44 again. US 62 is then double-numbered with US 277 and runs northeast, parallel to I-44. The road again has 2×2 lanes between Blanchard and Newcastle, after which the road merges with I-44.

Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma City, the road is double-numbered with Interstate 44. At the airport, the road turns east and continues on Interstate 240 through the southern neighborhoods. Then the road turns north on Interstate 35. I-35 comes from Dallas and is also double-numbered for a bit with Interstate 40, the highway from Amarillo to Little Rock. On the east side of Oklahoma City, US 62 exits from the highway and then forms an individual route, a main road with 2×2 lanes. From Harrah, the road narrows again to 2×1 lanes.

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Eastern Oklahoma

US 62 at Tahlequah in eastern Oklahoma.

About 30 miles east of Oklahoma City, you reach the village of Jacktown, where you cross US 177, the road from Shawnee in the south to Stillwater in the north. The road then continues its route over the prairies that already have more trees. After about 30 kilometers, at Prague, you cross the US 377, the road from Ada in the south to Stroud on the I-44. The road then continues east, closer and closer to Interstate 40, and after 25 miles, the road merges with I-40 at Okemah, at which point the road is double-numbered for 29 miles. The US 75 from Durant also joins at Pharaoah. At the large village of Henryetta, US 62 and US 75 turn toward the north, ending the Indian Nation Turnpike, thetoll road from McAlester and Hugo. US 266 also begins here, which runs parallel to I-40 to the east.

The US 62 and US 75 then have 2×2 lanes and run about 20 kilometers to the north, until the town of Okmulgee. US 62 then turns east, while US 75 continues straight to Tulsa. You then pass through a quiet piece of countryside, and just before Muskogee the US 64 merges from Tulsa. Both roads are then double-numbered until the town of Muskogee, where US 64 turns south to head toward I-40. Muskogee is a regional town with 38,000 inhabitants. Surrounding the city is a ring of highways, of which US 69 is an important one, the main road from Durant and McAlester to Joplin and Kansas City. One then crosses the Muskogee Turnpike, the toll road connecting Tulsa to Interstate 40. Then you cross the Arkansas River.

The environment of US 62 then becomes a lot more hilly, and US 62 then has 2×2 lanes to the town of Tahlequah, which is about 35 kilometers away. After Tahlequah the road narrows to 2×1 lanes and then heads east. In Westville one still crosses the US 59, the road from Sallisaw in the south to Miami in the north. Shortly thereafter, the road crosses the Arkansas border. US 62 in Arkansas then continues towards Fayetteville.


De US 62 over de Arkansas River in Muskogee.

US 62 in Oklahoma was added to the US Highway system in 1930 and already ran over the current route. In 1930 the road was largely a gravel road, this part of the United States was still very underdeveloped compared to the East Coast. In 1948 the entire route was asphalted.

Traffic intensities

1,400 vehicles cross the Texas border every day. Towards Altus this rises to 4,500 vehicles, and 8,200 for Lawton. The double numbering with the I-44 has 22,000 vehicles per day, and the route to Anadarko 2,000 to 5,000 vehicles. About 9,700 vehicles run at Chickasha, and 2,500 for Oklahoma City. After Oklahoma City, there are still about 15,000 vehicles per day, dropping to just 1,300 vehicles before the road merges with I-40. The section between Henryetta and Okmulgee has 15,700 vehicles per day, and the route to Muskogee 1,400 to 3,100 units. 11,900 vehicles drive between Muskogee and Tahlequah, and 2,200 vehicles cross the Arkansas border daily.

US 62 in Oklahoma

US 62 in Oklahoma
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