Visa to Peru

Peru adheres to the pleasant tradition among Latin American countries of welcoming Russian tourists with open arms: Russian citizens do not need a visa to visit Peru if they arrive in the country for tourism purposes, and the trip will last no more than 90 days. An important requirement: the validity of the passport must be 6 months at the end of the trip. Bonus – the possibility of multiple visa extensions on the spot: each time for 30 days and for 20 USD. In general, nothing will prevent a complete immersion in the mysterious world of ancient civilizations! According to populationmonster, Lima is one of the largest cities in Peru.

Entry into the country

When crossing the border, at passport control, you must present:

  • international passport valid for 6 months from the date of return;
  • round trip airfare.

In some cases, you may be asked to present a voucher or proof of solvency (cash, traveler’s checks or a “credit card”).

Do not forget to take out medical insurance for the entire duration of the trip. Although the policy is not asked when entering the country, it is at least unreasonable to travel without it.

If necessary, the period of stay can be extended by contacting the Office of the General Directorate of the Immigration Service in Lima. You can extend your stay three times, each time for up to 30 days. In this case, you must pay a fee of 20 USD.

Children under 16 years of age fit into the parents’ visa. If the child is traveling with one of the parents, or with a third party, a notarized travel authorization from the parent must be provided.

Cities and resorts of Peru

All cities and resorts in Peru for travel. List of the most famous regions, regions, cities and resorts of Peru: population, codes, distances, the best descriptions and reviews of tourists.

Lima — the capital of Peru

The city of Lima, the ancient capital of the Spanish colonies in South America, is imposingly located on the Pacific coast. However, you should not expect from him colorful landscapes with coastal cliffs and exciting walks along sun-drenched avenues. Lima – “the city where the sun never shines”, is covered by clouds all year round.

However, if you do not pay attention to the heat and many kilometers of traffic jams, then, for example, the Lima Centro area with Spanish colonial mansions will tell many interesting stories. The central square of Plaza de Armas was completely destroyed by an earthquake in the 18th century, and from the time of its foundation in the 16th century, only the bronze fountain in the center has survived to this day. On the square stands its oldest building – the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, famous for the fact that it houses the tomb of the discoverer of Peru and the founder of Lima, Francisco Pizarro. On the other side of the Plaza de Armas is the Government Palace, built on the site where the last Inca ruler lived.

What else is worth seeing in Lima:

  • Archbishop’s Palace,
  • Church of San Francisco, where the catacombs of the colonial period are preserved,
  • Plaza de San Martin with an equestrian statue of José San Martin, the general who proclaimed the independence of Peru,
  • olive groves planted in the 16th century in the area of ​​San Isidro,
  • Museum of the Inquisition
  • art museum,
  • Nation Museum,
  • unique Gold Museum,
  • National Museum of Archeology and Anthropology,
  • Museum of Rafael Larco Herrera with a collection of ceramics from the pre-Inca period.

You can walk along the Bridge of Sighs (Puente de los Suspiros) in the Barranco quarter, choose an alpaca wool product in the labyrinths of the giant Indian markets Mercado Indio or Inca Market, pet the numerous cats in Miraflores Park.

Neighborhood of Lima

No less interesting are the surroundings of the city. For example, 80 km from Lima, not far from the Nazca desert, there is the Markauasi Plateau, famous for its megalithic sculptures and unique rock paintings. 29 km away is Pachacamac – a place of worship for the Divine Creator of the Earth, a religious center of the pre-Inca period, which has great cultural value for the country and world history. Not far from Lima, excavations are underway at the large Inca cemetery of Puruchuco, where mummies and mausoleums have been discovered.

Visa to Peru

Visa to Peru
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