What to See in Tainan (Taiwan)

Keelung (Taiwan)

Keelung is located 25 km north of Taipei. Residents of the capital themselves often come to this resort town to relax. The most equipped beach area is Chinashan Beach.

Tainan, Taiwan island (Taiwan)

According to Clothingexpress.org, Tainan is located in the southwest of Taiwan. This is a former capital city, the oldest on the island. It is currently one of the four largest cities in Taiwan with a population of over 700,000.

With an ancient history, Tainan is rich in historical sites and cultural traditions. For the many temples, he received the name “city of a hundred temples.” There are actually 220 of them . The Temple of the God of War is known as the oldest and best preserved temple in Taiwan. Immediately after its construction, this temple was not dedicated to any god, and only in the middle of the 17th century. it became known as the Temple of the God of War. Great Sky Queen Temple (Ta Tien Hou) was built in 1684 to worship Taiwan’s most popular deity, the Sea Goddess Mazu. Mazu is the supreme deity patronizing fishermen. Her birthday is celebrated on the third day of the third lunar month (usually April or May); The holiday is accompanied by noisy and colorful festivities. heavenly altar dedicated to the supreme Taoist deity – the Jade Emperor. The Chinese deeply believe in fate, so when problems or troubles happen in their lives, they go to the Heavenly Altar and ask the Jade Emperor to change their fate. Locals visit the temple on the first and fifteenth days of each lunar month to bow to God and pray for the well-being and health of the entire family, and on the ninth day of the first lunar month to celebrate the sacred birthday of the Jade Emperor. The Confucius Temple was erected in 1665 as the first Confucian temple in Taiwan and is better known as “Taiwan’s First School”. On the large territory of the temple, the school was located on the left side, and the temple itself was located on the right.

Other sights worth mentioning are the Chikan Towers, the Great South Gate, the Main Gate, and the old Anping Fort. The Chihkan Towers were built at the base of Fort Provintia, built by the Dutch in 1653 to rule the city. Near the towers there is a sculpture of a stone horse with broken legs. The legend tells that at the time when the fort was just built, the horse once turned into a demon that frightened people at night. This happened until he was caught and his legs were broken as punishment. Currently, the towers are a small museum, the exposition of which tells about those distant days. The Great South Gate is one of the few true gates of the city wall of Tainan that has survived to this day.. There were 14 gates in total. The southern gate, like the wall, was built in 1736. They are designed in the shape of a month and are called the Gate of the Moon. Near the Main Gate there is a collection of stone tablets (61 pieces in total), completely different in size, weight and age, which were brought from different parts of the country during the period of Japanese occupation. Anping Old Fort is located in the suburbs of Tainan. There is an observatory tower on the territory of the fort, which offers a stunning panoramic view of the Taiwan Strait.

Tainan (Taiwan)

What to See in Tainan (Taiwan)
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